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Acewell Digital Dashboard

Acewell Digital Dashboard

SKU: ACE-7659

All the data you need to see in one compact unit 

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  • Features

    • Simultaneously displays tachometer, speedometer, fuel gauge and bar-graph temperature meter, gear indicator, 4x4 symbol as well as one other digital readout. The extra sensor input can be used to add a sender to show oil temperature if required.

    • Backlight can be switched with sidelights as per IVA / MSVA / MOT requirements

    • Warning lamps meet requirements of IVA / MSVA / MOT test

    • Bar-graph tachometer can be set to show 0-10,000 or 0-20,000 RPM

    • 4x4 symbol can be switched on when 4 wheel or diff-lock drive selected, switched off by default and not visible

    • Compatible with both car and motorcycle engined vehicles

    • Speed input can connect to included magnet/reed switch sensor or optional cable drive adaptor or directly to many speed sensors fitted to automotive gearboxes

    • Gear indicator calculates gear by comparing speed and RPM on manual gearbox cars, so no additional sensors are required

    • 100% water resistant so can be fitted in beach buggies without worrying about rain damage

    • Includes RPM sensing wire, speed sensor, temperature sensor, and generic wiring harness

    • Voltage warning lamp can be configured for the voltages to come on and off to suit any vehicle

    • Programmable Fuel Gauge which can be set for 10-990 ohms resistance for both full and empty so that it can connect to almost any sender.

    • E-Marked for road vehicle use within Europe

    • 170mm x 100.5mm x 30mm
  • What You Get

    • 1 x Computer
    • 1 x Reedswitch Speed sensor and magnet (ACE-G or ACE-S)

    • 1 x ACE-PT1/8 Temperature sensor 1/8 NPT which can be used for water or oil temp.

    • 1 x socket for additional temperature sensor (JST connector)

    • 1 x Set of cables & fitting instructions.
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